Our Program


Pastor David Piers – Director, Gives a full overview of the Covered Bridge Recovery program at Union Baptist Church on 01.16.22

Covered Bridge exists to provide a place of support during the challenges of transition. Below is a phased outline of our program. If you have any further questions, please get in touch via our contact page. We’d love to tell you more!

Phase I – The Learning Phase (6 Weeks Minimum)

During the first few weeks, residents will begin to learn the Biblical design for living successfully. The Covered Bridge staff understands there is more to recovery than just the individual. Together, we will explore each residents’ family background, education, employment history, skills that they have acquired, and substance abuse history.

Our desire is to help our residents improve their outlook on life and see the hope that accompanies God’s purpose and plan for them. Covered Bridge will introduce them to a new community of individuals living in family settings. We model a home where we are eager to show respect for each other. To accomplish this goal, our residents need to become familiar with our handbook and the program requirements.

Phase I allows the new resident to begin to establish patterns of trustworthiness. During the first few weeks, there will be an emphasis on getting to know the other residents, staff, and new supportive networks of encouraging, healthy people. The resident will also interact with a biblical counselor to determine their specific needs and establish expectations and goals for their stay.

As they further develop their plans, the resident will begin a job search under the staff’s care and supervision. They will continue to participate in Celebrate Recovery, group meetings, and one-on-one meetings.

Phase II – Change (9 Weeks Minimum)

The Change Phase represents the resident’s opportunity to overcome life-controlling sin issues that have developed in their life.

Residents will work to establish themselves in the community. Their outreach will include church fellowship, Celebrate Recovery meetings, community service, and part-time work.

Phase III – Preparation (11 Weeks Minimum)

The Preparation Phase’s purpose is to Pray, Plan and Prepare for our residents’ future success and transition to independent living. The three P’s are essential for pursuing God’s will for their life.

Residents will continue to be involved in counseling group meetings. They will continue daily reading, reflection, meditation, and personal application of the Biblical principles that accompany their twelve-step work.

Phase IV – Transition (12 Weeks Minimum)

The purpose of the Transition Phase is to allow the resident, with the supervision and support of the Covered Bridge staff, to begin a transition to community living.

This will include developing an aftercare plan outlining the resident’s community support team, recovery maintenance plan, and accountability profile.

Once the resident has completed Phase IV and has shown progress in overcoming their addictions, they are deemed a Covered Bridge graduate.

After Care Phase

The Church established the most significant aftercare plan thousands of years ago. A graduate of Covered Bridge will have deepened his relationship with God and understand God’s purpose for his life.

He will also have established healthy relationships and support groups through local life-giving churches and the recovery community.