A new perspective on aftercare

An important aspect of a successful recovery program is aftercare. Often, in secular avenues, this encompasses follow-up visits, phone check-ins, or guidance to “the next step.” At Covered Bridge, we prepare for aftercare early in the process.

A Christ-centered recovery involves many lifestyle changes. The church becomes a vital component in aftercare.  God-honoring relationships are built within the church through weekly services, faith groups, Bible studies, and other meetings. During this time, a new community is developed beyond the “family” that grows within the house during the stay at Covered Bridge. This close kinship is the focus of “phase 4 & 5” of the program. Ideally by this point in a residential stay, the resident is firmly established within the church — sometimes in multiple areas! God willing, this continues past the point of graduation.

Officiating Michael and Kristine’s wedding was a real joy.  It was such a blessing to be able to see the fruit of discipleship and reconciliation.  My prayer is that they live out their lives as faithful servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; that they become an example of the power of God, His Word and the Holy Spirit’s power to rebuild and restore a family.  If you were at the wedding and heard them exchange their heartfelt vows, it was a WOW moment to hear such love, commitment, confession, and forgiveness.  God was truly honored in this marriage ceremony.

Harvest season is upon us.  We thank God for all of you who support Covered Bridge in prayer and financial support.  Please mark your calendars for November 29 when, historically, Giving Tuesday starts at 8AM sharp.  On Giving Tuesday last year, all gifts received through Facebook were multiplied by 10 percent and some as much as 200 percent due to additional, generous matching gifts.  This year’s goal is $82,000.  I pray that the Lord will continue to provide through His people according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.  He is faithful.I’m a new Text block ready for your content.

God bless,
Pastor David Piers-

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With fall here, our house begins a very full volunteering season trying to help others get ready for the snow season!

The men at Covered Bridge have also been busy working at a newly opened school in Sutton.  We have helped people move, done landscaping, prepared firewood, and generally been assisting in whatever else came our way (within reason!).

We’ve been blessed to have two of our men involved with weddings this month! What blessed memories!

We pray our Brother Ryan will join us again at the end of the month— God willing.

mark your calendars!

This year’s Giving Tuesday lands on November 29th. Although it has not been announced yet, Facebook usually has a matching gift program, and we will be attempting to join that again. Stay up-to-date here on our website, and we’ll announce it as soon as we know!